[thelist] [ASP] slow server. What possible causes?

Nicole P nicole at parrot.ca
Mon Apr 29 22:39:01 CDT 2002

Hello voltaires.

I developped years ago a little intranet that gets into action only a couple
of times a year.  It's ASP-based, with an Access database (3 users at the
most concurrently)

The server that runs my intranet is up all the time, and behaves fine the
rest of the year. However, when my pages are in action, the server slows
down to a crawl, and only a reboot can fix it. It degrades slowly over the
course of a few hours, until it becomes unusable.

I thought about checking memory leaks (at the time I wrote this application,
I wasn't systematically releasing all recordsets I was creating). So now, I
have set rst = nothing wherever necessary (I may have missed a few, still
...) Would that be a cause for a server slowdown?

What other possible causes should I look at?

Other infos:
no other COM objects but those that come standard with IIS and Access are
used (connection, command, and recordset objects) except for ASPMail in case
of errors
I never return a huge number of rows. 20-40, at the max. The content of
those rows are not big (no huge Memo fields).

This application really shouldn't be hard on a server.


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