[thelist] Mac colors

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon Apr 29 22:53:01 CDT 2002

Right, it wasn't exactly what you are talking about but is certainly
caused by Photoshop applying some color correction to the display of
the image ... print people need this stuff. In IE's pref's toggle the
"Use ColorSync" preference ... see where that gets you.

If you tinker around, you'll find that PS can change the colors of
everything on your monitor - even toolbars in other applications.

Colors are just like anything else: the best thing to do is test them
... they're going to look different on every system ... horse shoes,
hand grenades and web page colors, ya know?

Switch your monitor color depth settings between High Color/True
Color, Millions of Colors/Thousands of Colors when evaluating the
colors you're choosing. Some colors resolve quite differently.

A second monitor is a great investment for this purpose as well ...

>That's not what I was getting at.  Same JPG.  Open it in Photoshop, Open it
>in IE.  They look noticably different.
>I can then save the JPG in Photoshop, and open it in IE, and it will still
>look different.
>It's IE I think that's doing the color stuff, not Photoshop.


- Erik Mattheis

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