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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 29 23:33:01 CDT 2002

> From: "David Kutcher" <david_kutcher at hotmail.com>
> I've known for years that Mac's and PC's show color differently, and
> that this carries through to the browsers on those platforms.  What my
> designer came across today was that if he took a color jpg and had it
> open in IE (on the Mac) and Photoshop on the same Mac, that IE would
> actually alter the color and display the image lighter.  Both web-safe
> colors as well as non-web-safe.
> I found this a bit odd.  Have I just been out of it for quite some
> time and never witnessed this?  And in some cases, the color
> difference was VERY different.

didja recently upgrade PS?  or do anything like that?

some others have suggested this, but i posted it as a tip last week, so i'm
just gonna recycle it and see if it helps you...


[recycled tip]
Images not looking the same in your browser as they did in Photoshop?
Colors off?

Photoshop tries to compensate for color display on your monitor by making it
appear as it would in print. Very handy if you're doing print work, but you're a
web gibbon, so you don't need it.

Good thing you can turn it off:
- File > Color Settings > RGB Setup
- uncheck "Display Using Monitor Compensation"
[/recycled tip]

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