[thelist] re: HOSTING PROBLEMS

Lisa Frost lisa at koolfish.com
Tue Apr 30 02:20:01 CDT 2002

Adrian wrote:
Hi Y'all,

Does anyone here host with Dreamhost?  I have for a few years now but am
experiencing lots of problems with them of late.  I had no email for 6
days recently and now cannot get mysql going (was working fine up until
4 days ago).  Numerous attempt to get it resolved have been unfruitful.
Getting a response from their support is near on impossible. You really
feel like hitting them with both barrels but I hold back thinking that
the support request goes to a different person every time.

Any one else having problems with them.  I'm thinking about changing
host to one that is closer  to home (AUST).

Dreamhost has been upgrading all its email amongst other things over the
last couple of weeks. You should have received lots of emails about all
of this well in advance, problems that may arise and how to fix them.
They are also moving all their centralised services tomorrow night,
again they always send out emails in advance explaining what is going
on. Have you not been receiving these?

As for support. I find that unusual that they have taken so long to fix
your problem. I always get a support response within 24 hours and it is
usually helpful. I am in Bangkok so I don't usually get one for a few
hours because of the time difference but they even answer my really dumb
questions promptly. If they aren't sure about a fix they email for more
details, give suggestions and tell you that someone else will be in
touch who is more of an expert in that area. I would write to them to
explain your dissatisfaction with their service because I am sure they
would not be happy to hear about your situation. I have had a couple of
problems with MYSQL on one site but not sure what it was because my
programmer deals with that end.


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