[thelist] strange css problem [WAS calling all css gurus >>>bl**dy css..... gggrrrr...]

Scarlett Julian (ED) Julian.Scarlett at sheffield.gov.uk
Tue Apr 30 02:38:01 CDT 2002


many apologies for posting 12k of code twice. Aardvark has kindly put the
problem page up for me.

To restate the problem:
The page has two divs for layout both controlled by css positioning and both
float left. The left one is a nav menu and the right contains content. In
the right there is a submenu with more nav links that are aligned center. In
IE5.0Win the text in the submenu moves to the right when a user moves the
mouse over the menu in the left hand nav div. This behaviour is not shown in
IE5.5Win, IE4Win, Opera6, or NS6.2. Not tested with a Mac yet.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Many thanks in advance

<tip type="courteous posting to the list" author="Julian">
When posting examples for others to look at it's not a good idea to post
lots of code. Posting large blocks of code is annoying for those paying by
the byte and will take up significant chunks in the digest. If you need to
you can ask a friendly fellow evolter to post to a public site for you. If
there is *no* alternative please trim your code as much as possible e.g.
take out dtd, unecessary <head> content etc etc


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