[thelist] Flash and a database

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Tue Apr 30 16:12:00 CDT 2002


A friend of mine asked me to help him learn how to go about using a
database with Flash.  I have actually been through a basic Flash tutorial
or two, enough to say "This uses graphic concepts, and I'm not good at
that" so I left it alone.

Databases I *do* know and use, but I don't have any clue where to start
looking for the *how* with Flash. He has an NT server, no server side
anything on it at the moment. In searching on Google, I found a couple of
examples of using ASP, and a reference to PHP. Are there other options? Is
one better than the other? I would like just a basic "These are the
mechanics" - syntax I can deal with later.

Thanks for any pointers!

Susan Wallace

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If you are helping a relative over the phone who is using Outlook Express,
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