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Hey Susan

I have used flash and ASP for many applications, and there was one in particular that could talk to a database. It's awesome stuff.  I'll try to explain the mechanics without much detail as far as I have learned!

If you're wanting to retreive information from the database and display it in a flash movie:
1) The flash movie calls an ASP page.
2) The ASP page uses SQL and VBScript to get records from the DB and store them in variables.  The code in the ASP pages creates a string that passes the variables to the flash movie.
3) The flash movie then does whatever it wants with the data.

If you're wanting to update a database using the flash movie:
1) The flash movie calls an ASP page.
2) The ASP page uses the same techniques as it would to reteive data from a form as it does to get the variables from the flash movie.  Then using SQL and VBScript, it updates the DB with the imported variables.

You can see this in action in my flash survey.  When you take the survey, it updates the DB.  When you view the results it retrieves information from the DB and displays dynamic content!

http://thebadlans.net:5150/survey/survey.html (Used to be in a pop-up window)

Fun stuff!



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  A friend of mine asked me to help him learn how to go about using a
  database with Flash.  I have actually been through a basic Flash tutorial
  or two, enough to say "This uses graphic concepts, and I'm not good at
  that" so I left it alone.

  Databases I *do* know and use, but I don't have any clue where to start
  looking for the *how* with Flash. He has an NT server, no server side
  anything on it at the moment. In searching on Google, I found a couple of
  examples of using ASP, and a reference to PHP. Are there other options? Is
  one better than the other? I would like just a basic "These are the
  mechanics" - syntax I can deal with later.

  Thanks for any pointers!

  Susan Wallace

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