[thelist] Email marketing software - any recomendations?

David Appleton david.appleton at barnardos.org.uk
Wed May 1 05:12:01 CDT 2002

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A while ago our website started an e-mail newsletter, where people could subscribe on our website.  It was my job to create all the functionality behind it, including a function that would send out bulk e-mails from our server.

It has now become a bit popular at this end and people are asking to send out e-mails as if their life depended on it - you know what these marketing types are like! - and its now far beyond it's original scope.

Anyway, here's the question...

Does anyone have any good recommendations/experience for e-mail marketing software?  It will need to store (and import) up to 100K e-mail addresses, and effectively manage quite a number of different mailing lists.  HTML mail is also a requirement, and I'd rather it wasn't web-based.

Any guidance would be gratefully accepted.



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