[thelist] Form/DB Interface Generators?

niklaus.haldimann at xmedia.ch niklaus.haldimann at xmedia.ch
Wed May 1 06:17:00 CDT 2002

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hi list

lately i find myself coding a lot of smallish applications that provide
form-based web interfaces to a database (sometimes referred to as
"administration interfaces"). does anyone know of a tool that can assist
building such db interfaces? i'm thinking of something that would allow me
to associate certain table columns with a form element, and it would
automagically build an application with forms and sql statement to
list/insert/modify/delete records.

i am not looking for:

... a cms. i work with cms products all the time, but most real-world
projects cannot be implemented completely with any given cms' inherent
functionality. most of the time i find myself designing some supplemental db
tables for which an administration interface is needed. well, if there *is*
a cms that can do what i want, i'm happy to hear about it. ;)

... myPhpAdmin or the like. these tools provide a too direct interface to
the db. the tool i'm looking for should stick a more usable and intuitive
layer on the db, so non-techies can use the interface easily. also the tool
should be able to handle foreign keys (ie displaying available records for a
foreign key column in a select box). it should ideally be able to do things
like checking for non-null columns, date formats etc.

does this make any sense? at this stage i'm pretty platform and price
agnostic. i'm just wondering if there's anything like this out there.


Nik Haldimann
Web Developer, Xmedia

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