[thelist] Site critique

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Fri May 3 08:41:01 CDT 2002

I'm putting together a site redesign critique (I don't know who did the site
originally) for someone - they basically want me to list all the things that
could be improved on in the site.  They're happy with the content, but in
terms of design, layout, code etc they're not so sure anymore.  If you're
able to check out the site and let me know some of the things that bug
*you*, that would be a great help to me :)  (Feel free to email me off-list:
rachel at cre8d-design.com)

The "click here" link on the splash page is the same color as the
background, and is therfore invisible.
The design has no fluidity (it is stuck to the left side of the browser).
It was all designed using some sort of wizard, so there is some code-bloat.
It will not validate http://validator.w3.org/ , many errors, deprecated
It fails accessibility tests http://www.cast.org/Bobby/

That's what I could find really quickly. HTH!


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