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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Fri May 3 09:05:14 CDT 2002

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<From: "Rachel Cunliffe" <rachel at cre8d-design.com>
<I'm putting together a site redesign critique (I don't know who did the
You don't? probably gokiwi.net, judging from that dog-uggly banner at the
bottom - lose that first!

< for someone - they basically want me to list all the things that
<could be improved on in the site.  They're happy with the content, but in
<terms of design, layout, code etc they're not so sure anymore.  If you're
<able to check out the site and let me know some of the things that bug

The splash page is no use at all.
The logo looks like it is for a sports drink.
The photos at the top are too tightly cropped, it looks as though they are
sitting with their ears touching.
The big black box isn't very appealing.
The rollovers aren't preloaded, so are slow the first time. (Well they *are*
being preloaded, but it doesn't work)
They don't have their size specified either, so the whole page moves around
as the images load the first time.
The top banner aligns differently in different browsers.

Good points...
The site functions cross-browser.
The text-size is user-adjustable in IE too.


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