[thelist] ADMIN: More downtime..

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri May 3 08:55:12 CDT 2002

Folks -

There was another huge chunk of downtime between 11:30pm last night and
8:00amCST this morning for a fair number of Qwest customers around the
Chicago area, us included. It's the second time this week(although not
on our end this time) that we've had a pretty major outage IMO. I'm
terribly terribly sorry for the recent problems; it really bugs me when
things like this happen, cus I really pride myself(and evolt) for having
  really good performance, high availability, and fast services.

There are some things which none of us can control though..

Emails posted last night should still be coming in, but may take an hour
or two to clear. Resend a post if you don't see it show up in three
hours(12pm CST my time), and hopefully I can start posting to the lists
and my weblog about web-related issues, and stop being the bearer of bad
news. :)

Thanks again for your continuing patience everyone!


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