[thelist] Re: Needs some advice on creating a members only area and...

Mike Combs mike at combsnet.com
Fri May 3 08:54:10 CDT 2002

If they also need a discussion board, I've used Discus
(www.discusware.com).  It has a control panel to handle user registration
and so forth.

To create a private section of a web site, I used .htaccess to use the same
user/password file generated by Discus.


At 11:40 PM 5/2/2002, you wrote:
>From: "Bob Boisvert" <webdad at tampabay.rr.com>
>I'm quoting a small web site for a non profit that could turn out to be
>rather expensive depending on how I do things. One of the requirements of
>the web site is a members only area that will include as far as I can tell,
>just their newsletter.
>What is the best way to create a simple members only area?

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