[thelist] some questions on css: misuse and issues?

Karen J. Bowen karen at miinx.com.au
Mon May 6 10:23:00 CDT 2002

Karen J. Bowen wrote:
> Wow.  It's true - I stuck the stylesheet straight into the html, et
> viola!  The page in all its technicolour glory.  :-)

...and with that new view, I can now comment!

The text in the search box is really small - as so many sites are in
Moz.  Even Google still doesn't have styling on its search field... :(
Form elements that display/accept text show the text at an almost
unreadable size by default in moz.

Apply a class & some styling for the text box, something like:
input.txtbox {
	border: 1px inset #330000;
	font:11px verdana;
(that's directly from a site of mine, so change as approp.)

The text on the search button is similarly tiny.

Apart from that, looks good, but I can't say I like the colours, sorry -
they're my school uniform to a T!

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