[thelist] ColdFusion, LDAP, and binary data

Karl Nelson knelson at psesd.wednet.edu
Tue May 7 10:20:01 CDT 2002

Trying to use ToBinary() didn't work either.  The error returned was:
Parameter 1 of function toBinary which is now "÷òl.ð°ÊJ•‹Û?dïN" must be a
base64-encoded string

I even tried to use cfwddx to deserialize the data--obviously no luck as
this string isn't even close to being xml!

Thanks for the help so far...any other ideas??


Gilles Vincent writes:
>It's normal that the isBinary() returns "no" when you havn't transformed
>yet into a binary object by a WDDX binary deserialization (according to
>LDAP returns a Base64 reprÈsentation of your binary data, ie a WDDX
>serialised reprÈsentation). So you should try tobinary() first..
>not sure, but may help..
>- Gilles

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