[thelist] ColdFusion, LDAP, and binary data

Gilles Vincent g_vincent at ixo.fr
Tue May 7 12:29:42 CDT 2002

A really extrem solution should consist in 'rewriting' the LDAP protocol so
that to manage binary results ie. 'just' calling an external Java class like
this one : http://www.openldap.org/jldap/
or writing a cfx ldap client adapted from the OpenLDAP C sources
(all openldap sources are available for download here :
http://developer.novell.com/ndk/downloadaz.htm )
..hard work , I guess.. :(

An other solution should consist in using a redondant index in an external
join table, associating the pseudo-binary ldap query result to a numeric
index (a complete initialisation and a series of triggers managing this join
table could help, also)..
looks bad, but who maters ?

Any other idea ?

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> Trying to use ToBinary() didn't work either.  The error returned was:
> Parameter 1 of function toBinary which is now "÷òl.ð°ÊJ.<Û?dïN" must be a
> base64-encoded string
> I even tried to use cfwddx to deserialize the data--obviously no luck as
> this string isn't even close to being xml!
> Thanks for the help so far...any other ideas??
> Karl

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