[thelist] browser test please

Amy Clements amy.clements at legalservices.gov.uk
Tue May 7 11:06:50 CDT 2002

Loads of white space!

Win 98, IE 5.5, 1024x768.

However, if I change the size of the browser window, amount of white space changes.  Make the window really small and it screws the formatting and your columns are all over the place.

There are a couple of white boxes at the bottom of the nav column too, are they meant to be there?


>>> andrew at uk-webdeveloper.co.uk 07 May 2002 16:18:51 >>>
I have just spoken to a client who says he would like another column after the
books column making it 4 plus the nav menu.  I cant see this working at all, but
he reckons there is loads of white space.  Could someone have a quick look




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