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david gregory king_galen at hotmail.com
Wed May 8 05:30:01 CDT 2002

>javascript is not java.  the only things they share in common are the fact
>that they're both programming languages of sorts and the first 4 characters
>of their names.  everything else about them is not connected.
>just thought you should know.

javascript, if I am not mistaken, is formerly LiveScript and is more
accurately akin to c where as java is a bit more formal and could be
considered more like C++ (please pardon my liberalness and my digression)

The first (javascript) was (I believe a Netscape add-on) and java was
developed by SUN.

No, they are not the SAME, they are SIMILAR and should not be confused with
one another. I of course will promptly do so and toss about all sorts of
things that baffle me in hopes of gaining a higher understanding...

Should I be mistaken, please (as you did) inform me... I am here to learn
and to help, I couldn't resist once I saw evolt's content :)

In case you can't tell I am using browser e-mail and this is killing me...
If it calls me David call it a liar...


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