[thelist] IE 6.0 Chopping Content

Michiel Trimpe M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl
Wed May 8 07:26:08 CDT 2002

Sorry everyone, meant to be a personal email but copied the address to
the wrong field (From field as you may have noticed.)

I guess I owe a tip now :

<tip type="XML" author="Michiel Trimpe">
If you're using a database to generate XML content you should
seriously consider switching to a native XML Database, such as
IxiaSofts TEXTML server or the free Apache Xindice ...

BK> Hello Burhan,

BK> I found a bug on your site. If you go to x-plane (in Mozilla RC1 &
BK> IE 5) and then try to see the next image it breaks (You cannot
BK> access this file directly. It is designed to be used with the
BK> menu system.

Best regards,
 Michiel                            mailto:M.B.Trimpe at student.tue.nl

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