[thelist] some questions on css: misuse and issues?

Karen J. Bowen karen at miinx.com.au
Wed May 8 08:09:02 CDT 2002

Christopher Joseph wrote:
> Changed .htaccess and now aardvarks lynx trick shows that the mime/content
> type is correctly specified. Thanks for assistance everyone.

It's still showing as B&W Chris - moz 0.9.9

> Sorry Karen ...... can`t do much about that LOL. Was there a serious
> underlying comment though?

Nup :-)

 From memory, it was a good colour combo (my original comments aside!) &

 > jus 2 reiterate the link in question (LIQ)
 > http://www.ideadesigners.com/id_co_uk/index.php

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