[thelist] Implementing an Advertising Campaign

It's_me... Jen! bionic13 at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 11:02:00 CDT 2002

I have a site that for a long time was hosted through GeoCities free
service.  I am now signed up for their GeoCities Pro package (my own domain,
more bandwith, no ads, etc.).

I have been approached by another site looking to advertise on mine.
Initially they indicated that they wanted to pay a fixed monthly rate,
rather than on a CPM basis.  Not having run an advertising campaign on the
site before, and not having an advertising package ready for them, I
responded asking what sort of ads (gifs, javascript ads, etc.) and where
throughout the site they would like to see their ads (home page only, home
page + main sections...).  They have now responded that they would like to
work on a CPC basis, and are asking for their options.

I suppose I could come up with several different proposals for them, but my
problem is tracking.  My site being a GeoCities Pro site I don't believe I
have access to any scripting languages.  I do have a personal site with
PHP/MySQL functionality and plenty of bandwith that I haven't used yet if I
wanted to go that route.

Any tips on how I should try and develop this CPC tracking functionality or
any cheap existing services that I could tap to provide this functionality
for me?


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