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Thu May 9 15:35:00 CDT 2002


> From: Seth Bienek
> > However - if any one else here feels I crossed the
> > line, please feel free to tell me.
> Nah, I think you're pretty objective, especially for
> an employee.  Besides, it's not like your sig line
> doesn't say you work for Macromedia.  Also, I haven't
> seen anything in your posts that could possibly be
> biased, as it seems to has been factual and not
> opinion.

I completely agree with you seth.

ray, you're generally very good about keeping a level head and always saying
what you think rather than what the press releases say, this time you
stepped over the line alittle with your last reply.  so, i'm going to
suggest you do what your mama always said to do -- if you can't say anything
nice, don't say anything at all.

matt, the same goes for you too.  i've seen your interaction on other lists
and i know you can get pretty passionate about things.  we all appreciate
passion until it starts getting personal.  ray was simply trying to help and
didn't deserve the tongue-lashing you gave him.

oh, and the both of you owe tips.  now pay up.

<quote author="rodney king">
  can't we all just get along?

<tip type="ColdFusion">

frustrated with cf5 and older where you couldn't get at variables in the
variables or server scopes?  this is no longer a problem with v6.  variables
and server are now valid structures.

<cfdump var="#variables#">
<cfdump var="#server#">



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