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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri May 10 05:52:01 CDT 2002

On Friday, May 10, 2002, at 11:04  am, Chris Price wrote:

> I know the web is quite fluid and opinions differ, but can someone
> hilight articles or books that home into the logic behind the html with
> the nuts and bolts slightly out of focus.

Hi Chris

Anything by O'Reilly, but particularly:

Cascading Style Sheets, Eric A. Meyer

HTML & XHTML, Chuck Musciano, Bill Kennedy

This might be up your street too (not quite published yet):
Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation, Owen
Briggs, Steve Champeon, Eric Costello, Matthew Patterson
(It's published by glasshaus, whose recent usability book has an
evolt.org casestudy, and the author list is impressive)

(Disclosure: all the above have my Amazon Associates ID on the
end (the 'martin043'). If you buy any of them and you'd rather
Amazon didn't give me commission for looking them out for
you, that's cool - strip the ID off. If you buy any from non UK
sites, I don't get commission anyway. Swap the .co.uk to
.com, .de or whattever and the URL should work just fine.
You should be able to buy all of them from other fine online
vendors too)

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