[thelist] CSS: unexpected behavior, please advise

Daniel Frey danieljohnfrey at yahoo.com
Fri May 10 17:39:01 CDT 2002

<snip>so if I have... font-size: 0.90em; ...in my stylesheet, does that
mean that my font will appear at approximately 90% of 10pt?</snip>

Should appear at exactly 90% of the current setting defined by the
browser, i.e. larger, medium, smaller etc. in IE

<snip> along the same lines... when i press ctrl-mouse-scrolly, only
some of
the fonts change size, even though i've defined all the fonts with an em

That sounds funny, I'd double-check if I were you - is the page public,
and if so could you post a link?

<snip> i don't know if this is an expected behavior, but sometimes
everything is my pages will be centered regardless of the alignment set
in the <td>. </snip>

I'm not sure if I understand your problem 100%, but make sure that you
don't have a "text-align: center" set on something that your td could
inherit from, like table, tr, or body.  Also, you're probably using
paragraph(p) or heading (h1, h2, etc.) tags in your td's, you can make
classes of these to align text.

<snip>i defined a class for all the titles like this...

.formTitles {

right now the titles look like this...

<div class="formTitles">Email<font color="#FF0000">*</font></div>

Try your best not to use the font tag at all.  You can set up a span
class, like so:

color: #FF0000;

And apply it as such:
<div class="formTitles">Email<span class="redSplat">*</span></div>

My apologies for such a long reply.


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