[thelist] Site Check Request

evolt evolt at stoutstreet.com
Wed May 15 00:49:01 CDT 2002

> > Comments on http://www.stoutstreet.com greatly appreciated.

> - i discovered the pop-up text on the footer only accidentally while
> trying to select one of the images in the other menus...

            thought that would be the case.

> - those menus don't look like menus -- there is no clue that "we"
> "build" "sites" do anything, and having the name on the right in the
> same format only confuses the issue -- i want the name to *do*
> something when i hover because it follows the style of the other
> 'buttons'...

            ditto. i am going to 'disengage' the logo and the buttons -- so
they are more distinct

> - the home page says *nothing* to me at all, unless, of course, i
> start exploring, which i don't think is a good approach to get me to
> learn about your company...

            some exploration is good. but more content is need, for sure

> - those darn three buttons on the left... ugh, i roll over one, the
> menu *flies* out, i move toward it, and the damn thing *flies* in and
> another *spews* out... people aren't going to move in an "L" shape,
> they're going to go diagonally (especially from the third one), which
> means another menu will fly out instead, and so begins the mouse
> dance... there's the whole fitts' law thingie...

            i slowed the menu rate....and i think a reorientation/resize of
the nav may help the 'L Effect'

> - do prospects even care about the second menu?  do they know what
> those technologies mean?

            point taken, forest for the trees and all

> - why does the first menu say "we" as the title, but only have one
> name and photo?  and why is the email address within the *only* link
> in red on the entire site/page?  even the photos aren't bordered in
> red...

            'cause i'm not ballsy enough to just say 'I'

> - your case studies are just links to the site... i *expected* case
> studies since there's so little content -- you know, let the projects
> define the company... but nope, new windows with the site in 'em...

            there aren't even case studies yet. but they will

> - the image rollovers take a long time to fire -- compared to the
> speed of the menus...

            seems to be the speed difference between hidden:visible divs and
js rollovers (even with a preloader)

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