[thelist] checking an array in asp/xml

Keith Shaffer keith at geonetric.com
Wed May 15 10:59:03 CDT 2002

Hello.  I am modifying a page that allows users to select filter criteria
using checkboxes.  Those values are placed in an array and appended to the
search with "and" or "or".  I am now tasked to allow them to choose whether
to view the search results from those that match ANY of the filter criteria,
or, alternatively....only view those that match ALL of the criteria.  How do
I check that EVERY item in arySearchItems below is found, or that partner is
not displayed.  Hopefully this is enough information.....I appreciate any
insight as I am pretty new to the xml ballgame.  Thanks!

	If IsArray(arySearchItems) Then
		For intSearchItemIdx = 0 To UBound(arySearchItems)

			strItemsXPath = strItemsXPath & " or "

			strItemsXPath = strItemsXPath & "@ID=" & arySearchItems(intSearchItemIdx)

	End If

	strFilterXPath = "Partner[" & strFilterXPath & "]"
	strItemsXPath = "ProfileItem[" & strItemsXPath & "]"

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