[thelist] PowerPoint and Flash

Rob Sylvan rsylvan at cdtmicrographics.com
Wed May 15 12:27:06 CDT 2002

At Wed, 15 May 2002 09:04:42, Mark Joslyn wrote:
I have successfully inserted a Flash element into my PowerPoint 2000
presentation. Everything works great, however, the flash element appears
upside down on the slide. When I run the slideshow, it is right-side up. It
is causing a jitter between slides. For a fraction of a split-second, the
flash element is upside-down, then it switches to right-side up.


I've experienced PowerPoint to be quirky with displaying Flash. However,
I've been pretty satisfied with the results of following these steps:

In PowerPoint:
view/toolbars/visual basic
click on control toolbox button (hammer & wrench)
click on more controls button (hammer & wrench)
drag out placeholder for animation
right-click to bring up properties of animation:
-movie: enter full path: c:\windows\desktop\foo.swf
-height: enter in pixels
-width: enter in pixels
-embed movie: true if you want movie to stay with pres.
-loop: set to true or false, true is default

You can find a sample PowerPoint presentation (which is where I found the
above mentioned steps) at http://www.bitbetter.com/powertips.htm


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