[thelist] ASP equivalent to CFML question

Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov
Fri May 17 09:11:01 CDT 2002

The key feature of the <cfoutput group="column"> is that it allows you to
create a kind of hierarchical recordset. You can do something similar to
this using data shaping in ASP. Your query will look different and it's a
bit more work than in CF, but it's actually more powerful (IMO). Check out
the 4guys article:


The article's example case is quite similar to what you are trying to


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i don't think any of the other server-side languages have this
(at least not ASP or PHP)

> > What does the [<cfoutput group="column">] CF Tag do?
> > Does it work with a returned record set or with the SQL itself?
> hi anthony
> it works on the output, i.e. on the returned record set

> now let's print it out, using the GROUP= parameter to group the depts
>   <cfoutput query=empquery group=dept>
>       Dept: #dept#
>         <cfoutput>
>              #employee#
>         </cfoutput>
>   </cfoutput>
> the results look like this
>       Dept: 17
>              lars
>       Dept: 32
>              fred
>              jane
>              john
>              todd
>       Dept: 41
>              bill
>              jens
>       Dept: 53
>              mary
> rudy

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