[thelist] I'm gonna switch! I mean it this time!

Mike Rudberg mrudberg at challengesoftware.net
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Actually, FYI, the MacOS (any version) IS a derivative of the UNIX System 7.
The more recent MacOS X is unique because the purchaser of the OS may, in
fact, purchase a license to the source code (something that MS hasn't quite
gone with - even 50%).


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> > Have you considered keeping the PCs running a Unix variant?
> I tried Linux - Seemed like it was great for running a server, but it also
> seemed like a bigger jump from PC to Linux than it would be from PC to
> Does that make sense? Am I mistaken?
> I'm quite certain I would learn to adapt to whatever I go with. But the
> adaptation I have to do the better.
> I do a little of everything, from development/coding, to design, to audio
> and image editing, and whatever else. I use probably the same tools that
> every other PC user on this list does. I am also aware that I would need
> keep a PC around for testing purposes, but that's okay because it's not
> really a trick to keep one around pretty cheaply.
> BH
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