[thelist] form data gone

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Sun May 19 16:41:01 CDT 2002

>if that's what you're saying, try hitting refresh/reload. you are probably
>viewing a cached version when you go back into your history.

The same error comes up when I hit "reload" (again, only in IE Mac)
which I find really weird ... the browser just doesn't seem to be
reposting the form data. There have been do redirects, unless this
code below is redirecting the refresh ... but I don't see how it
could do that, as they already would have been redirected ... and in
the debugging info, the referrer is indeed the correct page - the one
the visitor filled out the form that is not getting reposted.

<cfset redirect_page = "false">
<cfif cgi.server_port IS NOT "443">
	<cfset redirect_page = "true">
<cfif cgi.server_name IS NOT "www.domain.com">
	<cfset redirect_page = "true">
<cfif variables.redirect_page IS "true" AND cgi.server_name IS NOT "localhost">
	<cfset prefix = "https://www.domain.com">
	<cfset query_str = IIf(cgi.query_string IS NOT "",DE("?" &
	<cfset the_url = variables.prefix & cgi.script_name &
	<cflocation url = "#variables.the_url#">

>the only thing that puzzles me is the error you get, unless it's a
>client-side-displayed error.

Well, it's a CF error that form.name_first is not defined ... I don't
set a parameter as there's no way the visitor can get to the page
except by hitting the submit button on the page that contains the
field for name_first, but using their back and forward and refresh
buttons (which is the problem), or from bookmarking it (which I'm not
worrying about).

If this is just something I have to account for, I can turn it into a
"you must enter your first name" which is really not a solution ...
the only real one I can think of is to put a session id in the url
and keep the form data on the server.

- Erik Mattheis

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