[thelist] Re: Looking for some good scripts...

Gijs van Tulder evolt at gmx.net
Mon May 20 08:19:01 CDT 2002

... but Phorum uses a database. Carol said he didn't want to use a database:

> [3] Although I have mysql on my site, I WON'T use the single db I'm
allowed for ANY of the following (because I suspect we may need itit
> when it comes time to write the confirmation script & the rest of the
fulfillment piece for our "batched subscription publishing" program,
> which is far more important than the following).

I think you should use your database for Phorum. It's easier to administrate
than a textfile-based forum. Combining the Phorum-tables with your other
applications in one database is no problem. Phorum can use prefixes for the
table names, so the Phorum user table will simply be called: phorum_users.


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For the forum, you might have a look at Phorum (phorum.org). I've installed
it on several sites. It doesn't require logins, it's fairly easy to install
and customized once you figure out how to do it, and pretty easy to
administer, too.


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