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Mike Combs mike at combsnet.com
Thu Jun 6 09:24:00 CDT 2002

Until today, it just killed me that Dreamweaver supports templates, but
then doesn't allow you to have different keyword and description meta tags
for each page on my site.  If I can have a different title for each page,
would it be so tough to allow a different keyword tag?

I was just about to post the question here when I realized:

<tip type="When to use Google" author="Mike Combs">
Can't figure something out?  Ready to post a question to the Evolt mailing

Just after you've formulated the question, take a second to search
Google.  The keywords you need will be clearer to you, and you'll likely
find the answer.  This will save you time and maybe a bit of pride.

<tip type="Dreamweaver templates and keyword meta tags" author="Mike Combs">
Dreamweaver templates are a good way to control the design of a large
number of pages, but they don't automatically allow you to have a unique
keyword or description tag for each page.  These fields can be important
for search engines.

Simply put those meta tags into editable fields.  You can find details on
this web page:

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