[thelist] Outlook not satisfied with wordwrap() (PHP)?

m u i n a r msk at muinar.com
Tue Jun 25 21:52:01 CDT 2002

To all who have some experience with sending email with PHP

I've tested and tried and googled for the last two days, to
no avail... am I just waisting my time?

A PHP newsletter script is pulling text from a DB and wraps it
with   $newtext = wordwrap( $text,76,"\r\n" );

Then it adds a footer which is hard-coded in the script and sends
it to the email addresses (from another table).

---> Result: Customer gets everything on 1 single line... <---

It happens only with Outlook. Not with Outlook Express. Customer tested
it with another version of Outlook (his girlfriend's) and it was the
same... all on one line. He says it's the default configuration.

No prob at all with Eudora and Bat.

Strange thing, if the line breaks are hard-coded in the script, i. e.
there are physical line breaks in the script (which is the case in the
footer), they show up nicely in his Outlook. But when we pull the text
out of the DB and wordwrap () it, it's all on one line.

There has to be someone who made similar experiences... how did you
decide? Tell the customer that he should change his crappy email client?
Guess what he says: And all the other Outlook users out there will get
the same garbage... is that so?

Or is there something that I must have overlooked? (Code is too long
to post here, sorry)

Thanks a lot for any input.

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