[thelist] Opera, Macromedia join on Mac efforts

Chris Kaminski chris at setmajer.com
Tue Jul 2 12:18:00 CDT 2002

Thus spake dogfood:

> what does this mean? that the layout/design-view of dreamweaver will be
> rendered by an opera-engine?

That's how I read it.

> what does this mean for programming javaScript/DOM in dreamweaver? (a) ease
> of programming, b) compatibility-problems. DOM is one of the weak points in
> opera)

Rendering-wise, Opera is pretty good with the W3C recommendations (overflow:
auto and a few other omissions aside). It'll be a boon to IE/Mac and Moz
users if many developers are working with Opera as the default.

Whether they'll also use the DOM/ECMAScript support from Opera, or just the
HTML renderer, is an open question I suppose. Maybe this will provide Opera
with the resources/impetus to improve their DOM and dynamic page reflowing?

> how about security-risks? isn't the close integration of the IE-HTML-engine
> into windows (like for outlook) one of the main security-issues on windows?

It's the scripting engine that's the problem, not the HTML bit. Scripts
running in IE can monkey with about anything on the system provided IE
thinks they came from a trusted domain. Virii exploit various bugs in IE to
fool it into thinking they came from a trusted domain.

Even if Opera were just as buggy, the danger of embedding it in DW would
still be less than doing so for an e-mail client. How many times do you open
up a file from an unknown source in DW? You do it every day with an e-mail
client or Web browser.

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