[thelist] Delphi problem

Raymond Wilson Raymond.Wilson at trimble.co.nz
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This depends a lot on how you are distributing/installing the program and
whether you are doing early or late binding of the DLL.

If you are using an installer you could have the install script check the
local machine to determine if the DLL is present and if not install it. If
you don't have an installer per se then it is probably easier to always
provide the DLL along with you main program (you would need to do this is
you are using early-bound DLL funtions).

If you are using late-bound DLL functions then your system can check to see
if the LoadLibrary() API function succeeds: If so they all is well, if not
you could then load your local DLL that you installed.

I hope this helps.



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Hi guys,

I need to include a .dll file that might or might not be on the user's
machine, depending on the OS of the PC. As expected, if it is not
there, it just throws an error and does not execute any of the
conditions in the rest of the file.

Does anyone know a way around this? Is there a way to include it if
it exists, else not... The chicken or the egg... Naturally, it looks for
the file at design time and assumes it is there at runtime. Any


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