[thelist] Re: The Future of Browser-Bound XML, and request for browser rec.

Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Thu Jul 4 06:10:01 CDT 2002

As I understand the point of XHTML, you are looking at the issue backwards: XML has been in use for years, for "electronic document
interchange" stuff at least. The problem was that XML stuff was not directly transmissable on the Web, which had suddenly (really
suddenly!) turned into the hottest medium around. HTML could not present XML. So, XHTML was conceived as a transition which would
allow XML access to the Web (or the Web audience access to XML stuff). Okay?

At (I think) onlinetools.org, you can find at least one PHP program where you (as user/buyer of the program/Webmaster) enter your
preferences for display options in as comments, and the result is good (X)HTML *and* stylesheets via XML. So, it not only can be done, it
IS being done. The programs available include a guest book, for example; the result to site visitors is the forms and display of a guest
book. I'm sorry I can't provide the necessarily correct URL right now...

My own machine is now minimally online (dial-up connection, old modem running about 32k baud at a good time!), and I have I.E. 2.0, and
N Nav. 4.0 installed (!). Now, someone tell me which browser (ONE!) I should download to see standards-compliant CSS? Don't want to
start a flame war: My criteria are something as small as possible (running under Win NT), relatively bug-free rendering of HTML/CSS.

I was going to download Nav. 6.2, and spent quite awhile yesterday downloading the 4mb file which controls the >20mb download of this
browser. I was awake by 5:30 this AM (holiday in U.S.A.), and started my download (nothing but the browser, Real Player, and one other
component), but it hung just short of the first mb, for no reason. That download would have taken 2 hours (if it hadn't hung)! Surely there's
a slightly smaller download somewhere??? I'm going to look at evolt's collection of browsers, because I remember someone saying that
all of them were here somewhere, but I don't know if there will be information helping me choose one on that page (assuming NN 4.0 can
find it and display it to me).
Btw, NN 4.0 is unable even to allow me to change my password, on Earthlink's site! But I have to admit, I do love the way it fails to open
all those popup windows, and it is a clean and understandable interface.

Good to hear from all of you again --
Carol Stein
techwatcher at accesswriters.com

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