[thelist] SSH to MySQL from Windows

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Jul 17 18:17:03 CDT 2002

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> My favorite Windows SSH tool is PuTTY:
> http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
> It's
> small, it's fast, it's free, and it
> does an absolutely _smashing_ job of terminal emulation; it's
> almost as nice as having an xterm for windows.

Cool. I had already downloaded it. But with all my knowledge of networking,
I can't make it work. I get a window with a blinking cursor, but nothing
happens; then the window disappears. When I try to connect to the host in
question via telnet, the connection is refused, so at least *something's*

So far I have:
1. Entered the hostname. And verified that I'm typing it correctly.
2. Selected SSH
3. Selected Enable Compression on the SSH tab
4. Selected SSH v2
5. Changed the window size and scrollback
6. Tried with and without auto-login username

If you know of a good FAQ or 'list of likely mistakes' I'd love to see it.



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