[thelist] Customer received product and is disputing payment

Chris Ditty CDitty at email.usps.gov
Mon Jul 22 15:42:01 CDT 2002

Hello all.  Hope your day is turning out better than mine is.  As some of you
know, I run a site called Games4YourSite.com.  On this site, I sell some of the
games that I write to fellow webmasters.  I offer a money back guarantee if I am
unable to install the game.  Well, back at the beginning of June, I sold a game
to someone.  This person wanted to install the game themselves and I told them
that if I did not install it, that the guarantee did not apply.  He was fine
with this and actually replied back saying "I am fine with the no money back
guarantee." (or something along those lines).  I sent him the code and never
heard from him again.

Anyhow, today, I find out that he has disputed the charge with his credit card
company and that my credit card processing company has hit me with a return
along with a dispute charge.  The damage? A hefty $525 to my already depleated
pocketbook.  My processor is going to look into this and asked for any emails
that I might have.  Luckily, I still have all the original email correspondance
between us.

My question is this, what can I do to make sure that he doesn't just take my
product and run?  I am planning on calling him tonight when I get in and
touching base with him on this.  I hope that this is some type of
misunderstanding, but I serious doubt it.  When I go to his site, it is now up
for sale.  I think he probably just decided to close down before he went live
and wanted to cut his loses.

Should I call him?  If I do, should I record it?  What actions can I take?

Any advice on this would be GREATLY appreciated.  If you send a private reply,
please send it to webmaster at redhotsweeps.com.



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