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Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov
Tue Jul 23 15:57:01 CDT 2002

> 19 here, but can't a guy dream?


> You could, or you could get yerself a fake id. :D
> (btw, I was too stupid to procure one whilst in college)

Believe it or not, I made it through my 21st birthday and bachelor's degree
(been a graduate since last December, 'bout 7 months) without drinking at
all, and I don't feel as though I've missed much. Incidentally, I got my
degree from a branch campus (read: night school, mostly) where nobody drank.

I've no moral qualms about moderate drinking, nor do I think less of those
who do -- I simply have a long family history of self-destructive alcoholism
on both sides, and for me, it isn't worth the risk. I'm fairly certain I
could handle the occasional beer/whatever, but it's easier just to stay way
from the stuff altogether than to try to rationalize limits.

At the moment, my teetotalarianism (I'm sure that's not a word) hasn't had
any serious social impact, but it may in the future, as I'm moving away for
graduate school soon. How many significant conversations have taken place
over a beer? ("beervolt," anyone?) Quite a few, I'm sure.

So, question for the group*: Is teetotalarianism possible if one wishes to
be a normal, social member of the Web development / Cpt Sci community?

And if you're in college -- remember, math and alcohol don't mix: don't
drink and derive. (-;

Jonathan McPherson, LMIT/SD&I
Software Engineer & Web Systems Analyst
email / jonathan_a_mcpherson at rl dot gov

* A desparate bid to give this post a semblance of relevancy.

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