[thelist] volunteering design skills

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Wed Jul 24 22:20:22 CDT 2002

Benjamin C. Varadi wrote:
 > You know, it's occured to me that if one tenth of a percent of the
 > energy spent on vanity blogging and webcams and updating personal
 > site templates and checking site stats compulsively went to say,
 > designing & implementing sites for nonprofits like NCADD (can you
 > tell which post influenced this one?) etc, think about how pretty
 > (and more functional) the useful (ie: nonprofit research, stats, &
 > news provision) parts of the web could be.  And hey, I'm sure those
 > sites would be happy to put up a "designed/developed by n" footer on
 > their pages.  Does any resource exist to coordinate this?  Does
 > anyone wanna help create one?

If we can use our designs (that is, the ones we personally do or even
work on) for our own portfolios, sure, I'm in[0].

It's a great idea, albeit a bit mind-blowing.  If you really *could*
harness 1/10th of the energy spent even by good designers on blogging
and their own sites, why... you'd have a monster on your hands.
Thousands upon thousands of designers, passionately believing in web
standards and accessibility[1], working for *free*.

Does anyone know if such a thing has been done before?

[0] I'm not particularly concerned about the "designed by n" footer as
I'm not actively looking for work, however it'd be nice to be able to
say "I made this" six months on, or whenever, once the situation
changes.  That said, I think the "designed by n" footer would be a nice
drawcard for others.

[1] I *did* say "good designers" :-)

Mark Gallagher

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