[thelist] Copyright Liability Question

Jon jon at kickinsites.com
Wed Jul 24 22:22:04 CDT 2002

Hi Everybody,

I have a client who was recently featured in a magazine article and would
like to reproduce the article on her site. I brought up the copyright issue
and she sent an email to the magazine requesting permission and did not hear
back. Now she wants to go ahead and post the article on her site.

If I were to do this is there some way I can protect myself? Can I have her
sign a document stating that she accepts full responsibility? Somehow I feel
that this would not release me from liability as it would be an agreement
between me and her and not the magazine. But I would like other's opinions.

A couple of background items...

We do not have a contract (I know - stupid) but she was my first client and
it was before I knew better. This update may inspire me to have her sign

I have sent the magazine an email but they don't have a clear contact email
address or person for this so I am making an educated guess as to who to
send this to. Also they are in Italy so I don't know how much of a language
barrier there is (even though their magazine is in both Italian and

Thanks to all for your help,

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