[thelist] Copyright Liability Question

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Thu Jul 25 08:50:00 CDT 2002

While it would be a clear violation of the magazine's copyright for her to
post the article without permission, I don't think that you personally have
much to worry about.

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> Hi Everybody,
> I have a client who was recently featured in a magazine article and would
> like to reproduce the article on her site. I brought up the copyright
> and she sent an email to the magazine requesting permission and did not
> back. Now she wants to go ahead and post the article on her site.
> If I were to do this is there some way I can protect myself? Can I have
> sign a document stating that she accepts full responsibility? Somehow I
> that this would not release me from liability as it would be an agreement
> between me and her and not the magazine. But I would like other's
> A couple of background items...
> We do not have a contract (I know - stupid) but she was my first client
> it was before I knew better. This update may inspire me to have her sign
> one.
> I have sent the magazine an email but they don't have a clear contact
> address or person for this so I am making an educated guess as to who to
> send this to. Also they are in Italy so I don't know how much of a
> barrier there is (even though their magazine is in both Italian and
> English).
> Thanks to all for your help,
> Jon
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