[thelist] BRANDING: what makes up a brand?

Bill Haenel bill at webmarketingworx.com
Fri Jul 26 19:28:02 CDT 2002

> sorry for offending you john. but i do think the topic is relavent to
> web development.

I tend to agree, Chris. I have attended webdev seminars that had sessions
specifically about branding as it applies to web sites. It is certainly
necessary to understand the basic branding concepts of consistency and image
when both designing and developing a site.

If you want a place to start, try http://www.marketingpower.com, the website
of the American Marketing Association. You have to register, but once you
do, there's a bit of info to grab. Start with the BEST PRACTICES section,
then under that MARKETING STRATEGIES. There are resources for marketing on
the web as well. Lots there - good luck!


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