[thelist] BRANDING: what makes up a brand?

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Sat Jul 27 23:42:00 CDT 2002

Chris W. Parker wrote:
> hi.
> i've been thinking about this a little recently and i'm wondering what
> makes up a brand?
> is it just a recognizable logo? name? color scheme? typeface? tagline?
> i'll assume that it's a little of all of the above. but the part i'm
> concerned is what SHOULD be on that list but is not.
> and at the very least, would a logo and tagline do? or just a logo?
> what do you think?

IMHO, a brand is more than just the physical stuff - company logo,
colours, etc.  It's also a company's image, and reputation.  The
McDonalds brand, for example, is more than just some stupid clown guy in
red and yellow, and the golden arches.  It's the idea of cheap, tasty[0]
food attained really quickly.

(it's also the whole heartless, faceless, evil multinational that's
willing to sacrifice morality for money, but there we come to the place
where "brand" and "reputation/image" splits - I think the brand is more
what the company likes to think of itself).

[0] Well, tasty to some.  <shudder />

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