[thelist] netscape 4 alignment problem

bird at koolfish.com bird at koolfish.com
Thu Aug 1 03:10:00 CDT 2002

I have been trying to make this site liquid by using 100% width tables.
All is working fine apart from in Netscape 4.

The page contains a fixed width column for the nav bar and then the third
column is fluid, the text is supposed to be aligned left but netscape 4
refuses to align the text left if it does not wrap.

for example see:
http://www.koolfish.com/piyabutra/htmlpages/contactus.html it displays the
text in the middle of the page.

If there is lots of text such as on the who we are page, the text aligns

All my paragraphs are aligned left: <p align="left" class="maintext">

I have tried putting the align in the TD tag but nothing I have tried has

This works fine in Netscape 6 and IE

The same thing is happening on another site I have started building so its
obviously something I am doing wrong or am missing. Any advice on how to
resolve this would be great.



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