[thelist] Re: [thechat] ADMIN: Downtime will disrupt meo email accounts

Tim Luoma luomat at peak.org
Fri Aug 2 07:47:00 CDT 2002

William Anderson wrote:
>>Another effect of this move is that the members.evolt.org server will
>>be unable to handle incoming emails or forward them elsewhere. So if
>>you actively use your members.evolt.org email account, now would be a
>>good time to make alternate arrangements. Otherwise, all emails to
>>you will bounce for about a week.
> Clarification required here: if someone sends email to an evolt.org mailing
> list or to a members.evolt.org email address, it *should* get queued at the
> point of origin, e.g. your local mail server or your ISPs smart hosts.  No
> mail should actually get lost.

Sendmail's default used to be to queue things for 4-5 days before
returning them, so if the host is down for a week, then messages sent at
the beginning of that week will most likely bounce.

It is true they should not be *lost* under any circumstance, as long as
you consider 'returned to sender' = 'not lost'


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