[thelist] ISAPI extensions or servlets

Les Lytollis les.lytollis at morse.com
Sun Aug 11 14:59:00 CDT 2002

Hi Guys,

I have a rather vague question, mainly because I don't really know what I'm talking about;)

I am completing a part-time degree course and I am desinging a PHP app to manage online auction accounts. Basically a "console" where the user can manage all his accounts and stock from one place. So, for example he adds his eBay username/password to the app and when he chooses some stock to auction
and clicks "upload to eBay", the whole thing is done seamlessly from the console (using eBay's API).

My project tutor wants me to include some discussion of comparative technology. Now I know I could just do the same using straight ASP/JSP but I don't want to get into the whole PHP vs ASP vs JSP performance thing, which is subjective at best - so my questions are:

If I were to do this project with ASP as an ISAPI extension and wrap the thing up into dlls or use JSP/servlets, would it be possible to distribute this app as something the user could download and drop onto his webspace at his ISP and start using it, or do you need some higher level access to the
web/app servers to get this kind of thing up and running? Are there any other advantages/disadvantages angles other than the dreaded "A ran faster than B" mentioned above?

Hope this makes some sense - if it doesn't, please feel free to ask more questions / ridicule me / suggest a new career;)


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