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Microsoft was hacked recently in the download directories.  Under
investigation by the FBI.

At 3:51 PM -0400 8/11/02, Joshua Olson wrote:
><tip type="SQL Agent Jobs" author="Joshua Olson">
>If you are using a T-SQL step of an SQL Agent Job to update fields from one
>table to another, check your field names carefully.  The problem I ran into
>was that I was using a field called "DATE" from table 1 to update table 2.
>Even though both fields were of type "datetime", the query still threw an
>Arithmetic Overflow error.  What made this so crazy was that the same query,
>when executed through the data view, executed perfectly.  Renaming to source
>field to DATE1 cleared up the error.
>P.S.  The field name "DATE" came off an import... that's not a name I'd
>normally use in a table.
><tip type="SQL Agent Jobs" author="Joshua Olson">
>To force a failure of a step in a Job, use the following code:
><tip type="Backing Up" author="Joshua Olson">
>Backing up for non-reinstallable data is a really good idea.
><tip type="RAID" author="Joshua Olson">
>Setting up an inexpensive RAID configuration on your server (using an extra
>identical IDE HD plus an Adaptec or Promise FasTrak controller) is well
>worth the investment.  The extra $200-$300 (USD) will save you lots of
>time/money when your HD goes bad.
><tip type="Purchasing HD's" author="Joshua Olson">
>When purchasing a new HD in an emergency situation, stop and think about
>other items you may need--drive mounting rails, new ribbon cables, etc.  You
>never know when the old ones aren't going to work with the new drive or
>might have too much wear and tear.
><tip type="IDE Cables" author="Joshua Olson">
>Take care when troubleshooting HD's.  It is possible to make a bad situation
>worse by accidentally ripping the Female adapter clean off the IDE ribbon
>cable at 11pm when the only store open is WalMart... and no, WalMart does
>not carry IDE Cables.
><tip type="IDE Cables" author="Joshua Olson">
>When shopping for IDE cables, make sure you look around before simply buying
>a cable.  An ATA/133 IDE cable by itself can run as high as $30 (USD) a
>piece.  However, most RAID controllers come with them as well.  And, as I've
>found out, a $10 (USD) 5 1/4 -> 3 1/2 inch adapter kit sometimes comes with
>one as well.
>P.S. Anybody else been getting a lot of corrupted files when downloading
>Software/SDK's from Microsoft lately?  During my process of rebuilding I had
>to re-download a couple of files more than a few times to get an uncorrupted
>file.  I thought it might've been my NIC driver, but files from other sites
>did not have the same problems as those from Microsoft.
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