[thelist] quick launch for Mozilla browser only

Karen J. Bowen lists at miinx.com.au
Fri Sep 20 13:42:01 CDT 2002

Erik Bennett wrote:
 > What operating system are you on? I can never seem to keep the
 > buzzwords (Quick Launch tray, Taskbar) together with the OSes. :-)
 > If you're on Windows, Mozilla installs a (if you allow it to) quick
 > launch icon to your taskbar that allows you to open any of the
 > Mozilla apps with a right click on it.

of course... duh...

actually, I stopped using the Mozilla Quick Launch feature cos there
were some bugs when using with multiple identities.  That was in Moz 1.0
IIRC...  have they been resolved?  Need to check that.

I'm also concerned with processor overheads - using Quick Launch still
means most of the main components are still preloaded, I think..?

I'm on Windows, incidentally.

Thanks for the help though Erik,
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