[thelist] Font Size

Djinn djinn at darkdesigns.org
Fri Sep 27 20:49:01 CDT 2002

At 04:39 PM 9/27/02 -0700, Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:
>Anyway for the original poster - Jean I think - you have lots to
>think about now!

Yes - I certainly do! However, I don't like the idea that I should always
default to 100% of whatever the programmers of each individual browser have
decided is their default font size. I'm a purist, but that's going too far.
As we all know, many of the differences between browser display are simply
mistakes. And while a good design should be fluid, it should also be able
to display what was intended. It shouldn't be a slave to the whims of
browser programmers.

But what I really want to know right now is Font styling that has nothing
to do with CSS. I like CSS, but I don't have a grasp on it yet and need to
do something in straight HTML right now. Suggestions?

Jean Peterson

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